Color – Fiore, Actual Size – 8.5″ x 10″, Thickness – 3/8″, Shape – Hexagon


Add geometry to your floor and walls with Allo, an Italian-made matte porcelain tile that comes in three shapes: Rectangle (3×24, Rhombus (x12andxagon (8.5×10 ). The neutral colors of Whi, Grand Black blend well with any room style. Thexagon shapes also come in three deco options in Fiore (floral patt, Stella (star pattand Telaio xagon patte). Create a solid-colored lo, a complete patterned desi, or combine the soliand decos for your own look.

Allora 8.5 x 10 Matte Fiore Hexagon Deco Porcelain Tile – DECALLFIODECOM


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