Schluter-RONDEC-STEP is an edge protection and finishing profile for ceramic and natural stone tiles that can be installed on stairs and countertops. The top of the profile has a symmetrically round edge that matches the RONDEC profile, while the vertical anchoring fin of the profile covers the exposed edge of the sub-assembly.

  • Prevents chipping of countertop and stair tile edges
  • Symmetrical round edge profile that matches the RONDEC profile
  • Vertical anchor fin covers exposed edge of sub-assembly
  • Integrated grout joint spacer creates a uniform space between tile and profile
  • Ideal for residential or low-traffic areas (e.g., stairways)

Schluter RONDEC-STEP Outside Corner 135? with Vertical Leg 1-1/2″ – Aluminum Anodized Matte Nickel 5/16″ (8 mm)


Priced Per Slab