Vadara Marbella Pol 63x126x2cm


Superwhite marble-inspired quartz, featuring an off-white and grey background with diffused taupe and grey veining


“Salt of the Earth”

Pristine remains of a long extinct sea, Utah’s expanse of dreamscape salt pans extend in every direction, as far as the eye can see. On a cloudy day they almost seem part of the drift as they stretch into the horizon, beaming back sunlight of lustrous brilliance, with only wisps of shade patterning the stark white salty desert with delicate markings.

We mimic the sheer brilliance of Utah’s salt pans in Marbella’s minimal aesthetic, hoping to bring something of the energy, and radiance of the vast salt pans, reflecting the desert sun with dazzling beams of light, each a tiny mirror, luminous, beaming and utterly mesmerizing. Marbella’s wisps of grey shading, diffused yet discernable, are a nod to the mirage of desert heat, and the barelythere pattern of crystalline forms.

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