Vadara Blanco Venato Pol 63x126x2cm


Marble-inspired quartz, featuring a white background with wispy blue-grey veining


“Tides of Time”

A land of legends, of celestial lights and rolling horizons, time is never more intangible than it is at the perfect point of sunrise, on a crisp icelanding dawn. Beams of light flash pink and crimson, illuminating shadows and textures, ripples of water and patterns of sand. In Blanco Venato, we wanted to explore Iceland’s aesthetic of magic and mystery at a macro level, exploring the beauty of gentle undulating sand revealed as the veil of tide pulls back.

We explored the play of dawn’s shadows on the surface of rippling beaches through wispy blue-grey veining against a luminous background — illustrating the flash of dawn’s light, texture of shadows and gentle ruffles of sandy banks. Blanco Venato balances a Scandinavian minimal aesthetic with dynamic movement and captivating stillness of an icelandic dawn.

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