Ceramic - Picket Tiles

Ceramic & Picket tiles offer a versatile and classic option for your home’s flooring. With a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, these tiles can complement any design style. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern look, ceramic and picket tiles can deliver both elegance and durability. To explore our Ceramic & Picket tile selection and receive a free consultation, visit our 2 Bay Area locations or call (925) 406-3000.

Beyond The Sea - Anthology Tile - ANTHWCBS

Beyond The Sea – ANTHWCBS


Coastal Cottage - Anthology Tile - ANTHWCCC

Coastal Cottage – ANTHWCCC


Marble Systems - Leitmotif Field Matte Ceramic Tile 6x6 - TL80656



Ocean Breeze - Anthology Tile - ANTHWCOB

Ocean Breeze – ANTHWCOB


Seaside Zellige - Anthology Tile - ANTHMHEZ

Seaside Zellige – ANTHMHEZ


Water View - Anthology Tile - ANTHWCWV

Water View – ANTHWCWV


High Tide - Anthology Tile - ANTHWCHT

High Tide – ANTHWCHT